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Kili or bust (Sean P O'Rourke): Garden Drama May '08
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Garden Drama May '08 · Jul 1, 12:26 PM by admin

Now here is something that you don’t see every day in a city garden. I was chatting with a neighbour in our kitchen when a sparrowhawk took down a collared dove in the garden at the rear of our house.
Apparently these hawks usually take much smaller prey but at this time of year they are feeding young ones sometimes bigger than themselves so they have to go after larger prey.
The dove was dispatched immediately and the following took place a short while thereafter. Please forgive the quality of the pictures as the first of these was taken with a zoom lens from inside the kitchen window. Others were taken much nearer to the hawk but the shaky hand is due to my excitement at having such a photo opportunity on my doorstep.

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A second after the kill.

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Safety check.

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Only a matter of seconds later.

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What are you looking at?

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No interviews during dinner, thank you!

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